A Calling for the Ages

A Calling for the Ages

Whatever you’re feeling right now, feel it fully. Stay present with it, and allow it to be in its fullness.

As you are experiencing these emotions, I invite you to feel into what your role is in all that is happening right now. What part you have played so far, and what you are being called to be.

What will it be? What has it been all along?


Power structures are changing. It’s happening in medicine, media, and governments. Even if you have been cheering on the change – pay attention. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a big victory is all it takes.

The world is truly on the brink. World powers are re-organizing. Our environment is in peril. We are divided deeply.

It’s chaotic, and this means there is an opening for a new way to emerge.

The question is, will you take part in what the building of a new world, or will you simply trust in your idols and hope they do a good enough job? Or criticize from the sidelines, without action?

Now is the time to become what you really believe in. To take your life (but not yourself) seriously. Because you have something to contribute. If you are in favor of the upheaval, be part of the wave of the change for good. If you think we are losing our way, shine a light for others to follow.

It’s good to grieve. It’s good to celebrate.

And, after the intense wave of emotions pass, there is wood to chop, water to carry, and the work of showing up that needs to be done.

The stakes are high. You have it in you to keep creating the world you want to live in. There’s a part that only you can play, so play it.

Teray Garchitorena Kunishi, ND

Dr. Teray offers natural and integrative programs for healing anxiety & depression, chronic fatigue, and digestive conditions. She is a licensed naturopathic doctor, wellness coach, author, and creator of the Deeply Happy Expert Series. She serves clients globally via phone and video consultation.
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